Dotw: Fictional Reality (TV)

Episode 45: Fictional Reality (TV)

This week, Liz and Stephanie talk about one of their favorite, mindless pastimes: romance reality TV! Whether it is The Bachelor, Love is Blind, 90 Day Fiance, or The Single Wives, reality TV to find love is EVERYWHERE.

What is it about this genre of show attracts us, and many others, to it? How is that similar to our love of romance novels?

Books/Series/Articles Mentioned in this Episode:

Awkward Love series by Missy Johnson

Lovewrecked by Karina Halle

Virgin River by Robyn Carr (also a Netflix series)

Experts Explain Why We Love Reality Dating Shows Even Though We Know They’re Fake from

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DotW: Wonderful Women

Dick of the Week Episode 44, Wonderful Women

Liz and Stephanie realized in all the times we have discussed what we like in a male hero, we have never discussed what we love about the women main characters. So, we asked fellow writer friends what issues they’ve had with female leads they’ve loved with reader’s speaking out against them. We also asked what do you love to write for your women. We looked into our own likes and preferences.

Enjoy this episode of just female power. 💜

Books and authors mentioned:

Christina C Jones

When Harry Met Harry by Sydney Smyth

Real Men Knit by Kwana Jackson

Dotw: Are You Lost Baby Girl?

Dick of the Week Episode 43: Are You Lost Baby Girl?

If you’ve been on the internet much at all the last few weeks then the title of this episode should give away what we are discussing this week. In case you’ve somehow missed it though, this is an incredibly creepy line from the… hit(?) Netflix movie, 365 Days.

Buckle up, friends. This is going to a wild and angry ride as Stephanie and Liz discuss whatever the hell that movie based on a Polish erotica romance novel was. Let us know if you’ve also watched the movie and what your thoughts on it are, because (spoilers) we did NOT like it at all.

Books Mentioned In This Episode:

Cheesy on the Eyes by Teagan Hunter

Getting Schooled by Christina C. Jones

Dotw: Our Friend Chuck

Hello there dear friends! Liz and Stephanie are back with a full length episode of Dick of the Week! Stephanie shares some exciting life news before the two of us jump into a topic we have been wanting to do for awhile now: the man, the myth, the erotica writer- CHUCK TINGLE!

Books Mentioned In This Episode:

Well Met by Jen DeLuca

Small Town Protector series by Piper Sullivan

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DotW: Dickin’ Around with Liz V 4: AMA

Hey there listeners, Liz is coming at you with another episode of our podcast within a podcast, Dickin’ Around With Liz! That’s right, it is time for another mini-dick or micropenis.

This week Liz asked social media to give her questions about really anything romance related (or not) for her to answer.

Thank you to everyone who posted a question for her. A special thank you to Ian McGowan who wrote the song that plays during the sex scene question. For those who are unaware, he wrote all the music for season 1 of Love & Lust and that song was a common sexy time song. You can find him on Twitter at Eazy_breezy_mac.

Books Mentioned:

Liar Liar Heart on Fire by Pippa Grant

Porn Star by Laurelin Paige & Sierra Simone

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DotW: Dickin’ Around With Liz V. 3: Quarantine Edition

Dick of the Week Episode 40.5

Hello dear friends! It has been a hot minute, and for that we are sorry. Things have been wild. We hope you are holding up.

In this mini episode Liz talks about how she has been handling social distancing and working from home and what that means in terms of creativity.

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Dotw: Eat A Toad, PK

Dick of the Week episode 40

Helllooo! Guess what? February 14 was our TWO YEAR anniversary! (Insert all thr cheers here!!)

Anyway, thank you for being on this wild ride whether you’ve been here since day 1 or are brand new.

This week, we discussed romance novels where the same couple spans the entire series and why we think this does or doesn’t work. Specifically, we focus on the To All The Boys books since PS I Still Love You recently came out on Netflix.

Books/Authors talked about:

Meghan Quinn (several of her books but mostly Getting Lucky series)

To All the Boys I Loved Before series by Jenny Han

DotW- Love Between the Covers

Hello listeners!

Stephanie and Liz decided to watch a documentary from 2015 called “Love Between the Covers” by Laurie Kahn-Leavitt. This film offers a glimpse into the world of romance readers and writers and what makes it so different from other book communities.

We had a lot of thoughts and feelings- especially viewing this movie through the lens of 2020 and everything that has been going on in the RWA (see two episodes ago on that)- about the documentary so buckle up, friends, this is a longer than normal episode.

Love Between the Covers is streaming on Amazon Prime and we definitely recommend it to folks who already love the romance genre and from those who want to learn more.

Books We Mention:

The Blue Beech Series by Charity Ferrell (Just a Fling is book 1)

Doughn’t Let Me Go (book 3 of the Slice series) by Teagan Hunter

The Duke and I by Julia Quinn

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DotW Presents: A Choosable Romance: The Gold Digger Path Part 3

Well, dear listeners, today we bring you the 3rd and final installment of what we dubbed the Gold Diggers Path. Yes, that is right, it was time to pull out the fabulous My Lady’s Choosing by Kitty Curran and Larissa Zageris.

Joining Stephanie and Liz this time is a hilarious and wonderful improviser from St. Louis, Emily Tetrault.

Together the three of us journey on a wild- and sexy- adventure to dangerous, far away lands. Who do we end up with in the end? Well, listen to find out.

A big thanks as always to Kitty Curran and Larissa Zageris for writing such a fun and silly book. We love it.

DotW: RWA- It’s Not Awesome

Okay team, the first half of this Dick of the Week is Liz and Stephanie playing catch up with each other and their lives and plans for 2020. The second half is us trying to tackle the big giant mess that is the RWA (Romance Writers of America).

As the holidays were upon us, a big mess of racism and unfair treatment to historical romance writer Courtney Milan. Race issues unfortunately is not a new problem in the organization but shit really hit the fan and still going on. We try to explain what happened in December until now. We are not experts in this matter but have been trying to keep up with each new occurence as information has been released to us.

Due to the matter of this episode, we did not give any romance novel recommendations, but that will be back in our next episode. ❤

Dotw: The Horniest Time of the Year

Dick of the Week episode 36: The Horniest Time of the Year

It is DECEMBER!!!! Which means a few things really. 1- NaNoWriMo is over! 2- It is getting cold out. And 3- CHRISTMAS ROMANCE MOVIE (and book) TIME! I am not even a little bit sorry for the caps.

Liz and Stephanie kick off this cheesy, loving, horny season with the new Netflix romcom The Knight Before Christmas. They do talk about a few other things as well but that’s the main focus this episode.

Authors/books in this ep:

Christina C Jones- the Inevitable series

Jacob Chance- The Boston Terriers series

Donna Alma- The Aussies Series

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DotW: Speaking of C*ck…

Dick of the Week Episode 35: Speaking of Cock

Y’ALL are you even READY for this!? This episode, Liz travels all the way up to Michigan to meet up with four (well, actually more than that but in this episode there are four) romance writers for a writers’ retreat in a cabin in the woods. Oh, and she had never met these people in real life ever before.

Sounds like the set up for a murder mystery instead of a weekend of romance writing, right?

Thankfully she survived with audio evidence of the shenanigans.

Special Guests-

Meika Usher: Website here, facebook reader group here

Christina Mitchell: Website here, facebook reader group here

Erin King: UnabashedlyErin on IG and Twitter (Stay up-to-date on writing and podcasting)

Victoria Solomon: Victoriamsoloman on IG (oh em gee so much beautiful art!)

DotW: Ponies Don’t Write: NaNoWriMo 2019

It is November dear friends. This means Liz and Stephanie, along with thousands of other writers around the world are participating in National Novel Writing Month- or NaNoWriMo.

In this episode we talk about how it is going ao far, what project(s) we are working on, and what we hope to accomplish this month and beyond.

Are you a NaNo-er? Hit us up on twitter @lnlsmutcast and tell us how it is going for you! Got any questions for us? Throw them our way!

Books/Series in this Episode:

The Smart Jock Series by Rebecca Jenshak

The Wedding Date Bargain by Mira Lyn Kelly

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DotW: Oops, We Broke the Rules

Dick of the Week episode 33: Oops, We Broke the Rules.

Stephanie and Liz did a thing. They got together and watched the movie After, based on the book by Anna Todd by the same name. And drank wine. And then recorded about it.

If you listen to us, you know pretty much the only rule is we don’t talk shit on other romance writers or their books (unless they did something absolutely horrible, see #cocktgate). We just don’t mention the books that we have read that disappointed us in one way or another and move on.

But friends.

We just couldn’t help ourselves on this one. But let it be clear that we are not trash talking Ms. Todd. We are sure she is a lovely human. But we sure has hell will be trash talking these characters and this horrible movie.

If you loved the book or the movie, maybe skip this episode and catch us next time? But otherwise buckle up, yo. This one gets wild.

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DotW: Gettin’ Some Tail

In this week Stephanie and Liz are excited to kick off Spooky Romance month by talking about all things were-creatures and shifters! That means werewolves, werebears, werelions… the list goes on!

Stephanie reads and writes in this genre but it was a new adventure for Liz. Come have a Howling good time with them!

Authors/Books/Series mentioned in this Episode:

Chelle Bliss- Flame, Men of Inked series

Tessa Bailey- Romancing the Clarksons series

Maria Luis- Love Me Tomorrow, Blades Hockey series

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DotW Presents: A Choosable Romance (Gold Digger Path part 2)

Dick of the Week Episode 31

Hello there listeners!

Today we embark once again on the romance adventure that is My Lady’s Choosing. This is part 2 of this particular timeline, so I suggest listening to part 1 first, if you haven’t. That being said, Liz does a recap of what happened there, so you should be fine either way.

Stephanie and Liz are joined behind the mic by the ever hilarious, utterly talented, local comedian (amongst other things) Amy Milton!

This time we get to decide if we are staying in London to help good ol Benny with his family drama or if we are saying, see ya later sucker! And jetting (or, well, boating) off to Egypt.

My Lady’s Choosing is written by Kitty Curran and Larissa Zageris.

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Dicklaration of Purpose

Dick of the Week Episode 30:

Hello there listeners! Stephanie and Liz had a totally different plan and topic for today’s episode… and then we got behind the mic and something totally different happened.

More or less our own little State of the Union… State of the Dick? Our… Dicklaration of Purpose? Yeah, let’s go with that!


We’re not mad about it. This ended up just us chatting about the current state of our books (big news from both of us!) And other books we want to work on and what we are enjoying right now and how both of us are struggling with finding books to read right now.

Books/Authors Mentioned:

Pippa Grant

Fired Up by Riley Hart

DotW: Judging Books By Their Covers

Dick of the Week episode 29: Judging Books By Their Covers

Hey there listeners!

Today Stephanie and Liz have their very first male guest on the show (whaaaat!) Mr. Billy Fraizer to discuss what makes book covers important and what makes us like or dislike a cover, especially with the newer illustrated cover thrend. We also play a fun new game where we hand a romance novel to Billy and he has to guess the genre and what it is about.

Billy is a local St. Louis graphic designer, writer, and a cappella singer and can be found at his website here.

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DotW: Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin Eater

Dick of the Week episode 27

Hello! Stephanie and Liz are back to discuss what our breaking point is with books. What makes us give up, put it down, and walk away (most likely angrily)?

Poor writing skills? Unlikable heroes? Story arcs with no redemption? Sure all of that is part of it, but the big no-no is when partners cheat on each other.

Books and Authors Mentioned:

A Pizza My Heart by Teagan Hunter

Level Up by Cathy Yardley

Put a Ring On It series by Maria Luis

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DotW Presents: A Choosable Romance Adventure Part 1

Dick of the Week episode 22

Stephanie, Duchess, and Liz sit down with a copy of “My Lady’s Choosing” an interactive romance novel by Kitty Curran and Larissa Zageris.

Will the Duchess of Dick (us) find her happily ever after with the dreamy and steamy Scotsman, the dark and dangerous Craven, the moody and sharp witted Benedict, or say screw it and go travel with her BFF Evangeline? We don’t even know the answer to this yet, but we are dying to find out!

Sit back, laugh at Liz’s horrible accents, and enjoy part one of our adventure to find love.

Book Mentioned and Read in this Episode:

My Lady’s Choosing by Kitty Curran and Larissa Zageris

DotW: If It’s Sexy I’ll Read It

Episode 20: If It’s Sexy I’ll Read It

Hello listeners! This week we have a special treat for you with our very first long distance guest! Liz sat down and chatted with Erin King, fellow podcaster, Romance reader and writer, and friend of the show. Together they discussed many important things, but they focused on a topic that several of you have asked us to cover.

That’s right, folks! FAN FICTION!

Whether you read it, or write it, or hate it, pull up a chair and hang with us while we chat and giggle our way through the episode.

Books in this Episode:

Make a Move by Meika Usher (on Radish)

The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang

A Princess in Theory by Alyssa Cole

Text me Baby One More Time by Teagan Hunter

Big Girl Panties by Stephanie Evanovich


Harry Potter Fanfic:

You Open Always (Petal by Petal) by Birds of Shore

You Can find Erin King @UnabashedlyErin on Twitter

DotW: Funny Thing Called Love

Episode 18: Funny Thing Called Love

Welcome to 2019!

Liz, Duchess, and Stephanie bring in the New Year by talking about one of our favorite things: comedy!

Do you like some jokes and levity with your happily ever afters? We sure do and we sat down to chat why comedy makes romance novels even more enjoyable.

Books/Series in this Episode:

Ready to Run by Meika Usher (on Radish)

Craving the Cowboy by Virna DePaul (on Radish)

The Scandalous Series by R. Linda

Chasing the Dream series by Elizabeth Briggs

My Big Fat Irish Life by Caitlin McKenna


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