DotW Presents: A Choosable Romance Adventure Part 1

Dick of the Week episode 22

Stephanie, Duchess, and Liz sit down with a copy of “My Lady’s Choosing” an interactive romance novel by Kitty Curran and Larissa Zageris.

Will the Duchess of Dick (us) find her happily ever after with the dreamy and steamy Scotsman, the dark and dangerous Craven, the moody and sharp witted Benedict, or say screw it and go travel with her BFF Evangeline? We don’t even know the answer to this yet, but we are dying to find out!

Sit back, laugh at Liz’s horrible accents, and enjoy part one of our adventure to find love.

Book Mentioned and Read in this Episode:

My Lady’s Choosing by Kitty Curran and Larissa Zageris

DotW: Funny Thing Called Love

Episode 18: Funny Thing Called Love

Welcome to 2019!

Liz, Duchess, and Stephanie bring in the New Year by talking about one of our favorite things: comedy!

Do you like some jokes and levity with your happily ever afters? We sure do and we sat down to chat why comedy makes romance novels even more enjoyable.

Books/Series in this Episode:

Ready to Run by Meika Usher (on Radish)

Craving the Cowboy by Virna DePaul (on Radish)

The Scandalous Series by R. Linda

Chasing the Dream series by Elizabeth Briggs

My Big Fat Irish Life by Caitlin McKenna


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