DotW: Oops, We Broke the Rules

Dick of the Week episode 33: Oops, We Broke the Rules.

Stephanie and Liz did a thing. They got together and watched the movie After, based on the book by Anna Todd by the same name. And drank wine. And then recorded about it.

If you listen to us, you know pretty much the only rule is we don’t talk shit on other romance writers or their books (unless they did something absolutely horrible, see #cocktgate). We just don’t mention the books that we have read that disappointed us in one way or another and move on.

But friends.

We just couldn’t help ourselves on this one. But let it be clear that we are not trash talking Ms. Todd. We are sure she is a lovely human. But we sure has hell will be trash talking these characters and this horrible movie.

If you loved the book or the movie, maybe skip this episode and catch us next time? But otherwise buckle up, yo. This one gets wild.

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