Episode 61: Sasha and the Butcher

Join Liz and Stephanie as they discuss something incredibly important: Stephanie published her book! YAY! We tried out Tiktok Live for this episode so Stephanie could answer people’s questions about her book (Sasha and the Butcher), writing, and indie publishing.

Sasha and the Butcher is a mafia romance novel set in St. Louis and is high heat and contains some violence.

This was our first attempt at recording while on live and it went… okay. We are learning and next time will be better!

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Episode 53: Naughty Books

Hello friends and lovers! Stephanie and Liz are back with another episode of Dick of the Week. This week we discussed the 2020 documentary “Naughty Books” directed by Austen Rachlis. It is currently available on Hulu if you want to watch it, also. This documentary follows three successful high heat/erotic romance indie authors. It not only shows the high moments but also the stress and struggled that come with tasting success and trying to keep it.

Books We Talked About:

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Episode 52: Author Spotlight- Meika Usher

Stephanie and Liz are back with another episode of Dick of the Week. This week we decided to do something a little different. We picked an author we love and have read all of her books and decided to do a deep dive into them. We picked Meika Usher, a very funny contemporary romance author. If you love humor, snark, and sexiness, you will love her. We discuss her four books (The Breakaway series and the How You Get The Girl series) and how the familial relationships in her books are nearly as important as the romantic ones. We look at tropes like best friend’s sibling/sibling’s best friend and how that trope can be done in really fun and interesting ways.

Check out Meika Usher’s website for more information on her books and how to find her on social media.

Books Talked About:

  • Meika Usher’s Breakaway series (Something So Sweet, Goodnight & Go, Ready to Run) and How To Get The Girl series (Make A Move)
  • Strictly Professional by Kathryn Nolan
  • Her Halloween Candy (Men At Work series) by Tiffany Reisz
  • Daring and the Duke by Sarah Maclean
  • Too Far To Care by Jen Luerssen

Dick of the Week is hosted by Stephanie Kazowz and Liz Zerkel and is a proud member of the CalamityCast Network.

DotW: Get Hard, Go Punk

Dick of the Week Episode 25

Hey there listeners! This week Stephanie and Liz do their first ever Author Spotlight! We chat for awhile about Christina Mitchell, a Romance author from Michigan who just had her debut book drop. Her book “How to Stay” blew our minds, so we talk about it for awhile. We hope it convinces you to go buy it.

We also discuss our current solo writing projects and where we are with them and what still needs to occur. This leads to discussions of how being an Indie Author is not for the lazy. It is HARD work to be in charge of everything you’re doing.

And finally, we announce what season 2 of Love & Lust will be! YES!

Authors and Books Mentioned:

Heather Novak- Edie’s Automotive Guide Series

Christina Mitchell- How to Stay