DotW: Gettin’ Some Tail

Dick of the Week
Dick of the Week
DotW: Gettin' Some Tail

In this week Stephanie and Liz are excited to kick off Spooky Romance month by talking about all things were-creatures and shifters! That means werewolves, werebears, werelions… the list goes on!

Stephanie reads and writes in this genre but it was a new adventure for Liz. Come have a Howling good time with them!

Authors/Books/Series mentioned in this Episode:

Chelle Bliss- Flame, Men of Inked series

Tessa Bailey- Romancing the Clarksons series

Maria Luis- Love Me Tomorrow, Blades Hockey series

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DotW: Bumpin’ in the Night

Dick of the Week
Dick of the Week
DotW: Bumpin' in the Night


Episode 15: Bumpin’ in the Night

It is officially the best time of the year: Autumn! Stephanie and Liz decided the best way to celebrate the crisp air is by talking about all those ghoulies and creatures that bump (and, hey probably also hump) in the night.

That’s right! We are talking about Paranormal Romance! Werewolves, vampires, ghosts, witches, and demons, my oh my! This is the first episode in a mini little series we will be doing between now and Halloween. In this episode we discuss what makes Paranormal romance so popular and how it is different from other romance genres.

Books/Authors mentioned:

The Lady Pursues by AbbyWheelerRomance on Wattpad

Two Weeks Notice by Whitney G

Eternally Yours series by Tara West