DotW Presents: A Choosable Romance (Gold Digger Path part 2)

Dick of the Week Episode 31

Hello there listeners!

Today we embark once again on the romance adventure that is My Lady’s Choosing. This is part 2 of this particular timeline, so I suggest listening to part 1 first, if you haven’t. That being said, Liz does a recap of what happened there, so you should be fine either way.

Stephanie and Liz are joined behind the mic by the ever hilarious, utterly talented, local comedian (amongst other things) Amy Milton!

This time we get to decide if we are staying in London to help good ol Benny with his family drama or if we are saying, see ya later sucker! And jetting (or, well, boating) off to Egypt.

My Lady’s Choosing is written by Kitty Curran and Larissa Zageris.

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Dicklaration of Purpose

Dick of the Week Episode 30:

Hello there listeners! Stephanie and Liz had a totally different plan and topic for today’s episode… and then we got behind the mic and something totally different happened.

More or less our own little State of the Union… State of the Dick? Our… Dicklaration of Purpose? Yeah, let’s go with that!


We’re not mad about it. This ended up just us chatting about the current state of our books (big news from both of us!) And other books we want to work on and what we are enjoying right now and how both of us are struggling with finding books to read right now.

Books/Authors Mentioned:

Pippa Grant

Fired Up by Riley Hart

DotW: Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin Eater

Dick of the Week episode 27

Hello! Stephanie and Liz are back to discuss what our breaking point is with books. What makes us give up, put it down, and walk away (most likely angrily)?

Poor writing skills? Unlikable heroes? Story arcs with no redemption? Sure all of that is part of it, but the big no-no is when partners cheat on each other.

Books and Authors Mentioned:

A Pizza My Heart by Teagan Hunter

Level Up by Cathy Yardley

Put a Ring On It series by Maria Luis

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DotW: Get Hard, Go Punk

Dick of the Week Episode 25

Hey there listeners! This week Stephanie and Liz do their first ever Author Spotlight! We chat for awhile about Christina Mitchell, a Romance author from Michigan who just had her debut book drop. Her book “How to Stay” blew our minds, so we talk about it for awhile. We hope it convinces you to go buy it.

We also discuss our current solo writing projects and where we are with them and what still needs to occur. This leads to discussions of how being an Indie Author is not for the lazy. It is HARD work to be in charge of everything you’re doing.

And finally, we announce what season 2 of Love & Lust will be! YES!

Authors and Books Mentioned:

Heather Novak- Edie’s Automotive Guide Series

Christina Mitchell- How to Stay

DotW: Drunk in Love

Episode 12: Drunk in Love

In this week’s episode we mix things up with our very first guest! Unfortunately Stephanie and Duchess were not available to record, so Liz invited her friend Clare to join her. Clare is both an avid romance reader and an experienced local bartender, with a focus in Whisk(e)y.

The two gals sit back and discuss the use of alcohol in romance novels. Alcohol choices are vastly different depending on the time period and genre of romance. They then discuss how drink choice can be utilized to give greater insight into character traits.

Books and Authors Mentioned:

Steampunk London series by Bec McMaster

Laurell K Hamilton

Sinful Brides series Christi Caldwell (books and audiobooks available on Kindle Unlimited!)

Wild Dancer series Iris Johansen

You can find Clare on Instagram @adram_aday

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