Episode 221 – Contortionistic Jazz Exotica

In the penultimate episode of Twin Peaks season 2, Truman and Cooper uncover most of the secrets of the Black Lodge. Note where it is though, which seems like the most important part. *shrug* Also, I wanna saaaaaay Amy is kidnapped? Amanda? Annie! That’s it, Windom takes ANNIE.  Gasp! Our main theme, “Downstream” was composed

Episode 217 – Lotta Fuss Over A Loose Weasel

This week we’re going over Twin Peaks episode 217, “Wounds and Scars” and, man, this one was something else. There’s “good” and then there’s “something else.”  There’s another romantic picnic scene, Norma’s sister moves to town, and Truman gets friggin’ trashed! Our main theme, “Downstream” was composed by CNTRL_ALT_DSTRY. The song “Ghostwood” was composed by

Episode 216 – Murdered by the Rules

One day we’ll all look back on this and wonder, “why?”  Until then, Adam and Daniel cover episode 216 of Twin Peaks – “The Condemned Woman,” wherein James and Donna break up for what seems like the fifth time, Josie is raptured, and Billy Zane(?!) shows up to leer at a teenager!  Super cool… Our

Episode 215 – Paprika and Goulash

Wow, episode 215 of Twin Peaks, entitled “Slaves and Masters” is something else, folks.  Windom Earle is a truly disappointing villain, Catherine enjoys a delicious pig’s head dinner with Thomas Eckhart, and James gets wanged on the noggin.  On the plus side… um, hmmm… oh! Shelly and Norma share a sensual scene at the Double

Episode 214 – You Can Always Shoot Later

The fellas once again welcome a guest to their madness!  This time, Daniel’s sister (whose name is, I wanna say is Sarah?) join in the discussion.  In, “Double Play” episode 214 of Twin Peaks, OH FUCK LEO’S AWAKE!  That can’t be good… Certainly there are some more positive beats, right?  Uh, Evelyn and Malcolm enact

Episode 213 – It Was Just My Legs

In this week’s episode of BLCD, Daniel… he may be losing it, guys.  “Checkmate”, episode 213 of Twin Peaks, tore him down, similar to, but in a less-racist way than, how Ben Horne is being torn down.  It’s mentally exhausting! Elsewhere, Truman and Cooper try to capture ol’ Jean Renault, and… hey, it works! Neat!

Episode 209 – May We Have This Dance

This is not the end of Twin Peaks, but it is the end of another Palmer.  In “Arbitrary Law”, episode 209 of Twin Peaks, we say goodbye to lawyer-extraordinaire turned possessed-by-a-space-ghost maniac Leland Palmer, as he shuffles off to Buffalo.  Also: Ben strikes a deal with Mr. T! No, not that Mr. T. Our main

Episode 208 – Another Sperm Gun

Okay okay alright, this is it, right?  In “Drive With A Dead Girl”, episode 208 of Twin Peaks, Truman and Cooper solve the murder of Laura Palmer, and IT’S LELAND!  Or, more accurately Leland as possessed by BOB! And surely this is the end of the show and there’s no more Twin Peaks?  That’s ridiculous,

Episode 207 – Catherine, You Look Terrible

THIS. IS. IT!  In episode 207 of Twin Peaks, “Lonely Souls”, Daniel finally learns the truth Laura Palmer’s murder!  As the series comes to a close… hold on… say again… THIS ISN’T THE END OF THE SERIES?!  Holy hell, there’s more?!  And you’d think that’d be enough, but this episode has SO MUCH MORE!  Bopper

Episode 201 – Bring the Whole Pie

Once again we return with episode 201 of Twin Peaks, titled “May The Giant Be With You”. The show finally delivers on the weirdness Daniel had been promised.  Mr Homn makes a guest appearance, and we make our way through the aftermath of last season’s finale. Our main theme, “Downstream” was composed by CNTRL_ALT_DSTRY. The