Episode 221 – Contortionistic Jazz Exotica

Black Lodge Complaint Department
Black Lodge Complaint Department
Episode 221 - Contortionistic Jazz Exotica

In the penultimate episode of Twin Peaks season 2, Truman and Cooper uncover most of the secrets of the Black Lodge. Note where it is though, which seems like the most important part. *shrug* Also, I wanna saaaaaay Amy is kidnapped? Amanda? Annie! That’s it, Windom takes ANNIE.  Gasp!

Our main theme, “Downstream” was composed by CNTRL_ALT_DSTRY. The song “Ghostwood” was composed by Gridscape. Both appear courtesy of Retro Promenade, online at retropromenade.bandcamp.com. Additional interstitial music was provided by Ian McGowan.

The Black Lodge Complaint Department is brought to you by CalamityCast; produced by Daniel Williams; and co-created by Adam Baugher and Daniel Williams.