Episode 110: I’m the Best Friend You Have In This World

This week Daniel and Liz live life on the edge with episode 10 of Gargoyles, The Edge. Deluxe is back from prison and just not feeling like himself. Dreamboat gets a crackpot partner, and apparently our gargoyle pals are doing heists now?!  That can’t be right…  Also, more robots! Thank you to Ian McGowan for

Episode 109: A Place of Stone and Wood

Daniel and Liz relive the classics in episode 9 of Gargoyles, Enter MacBeth. A badass Gargoyle hunter attacks our gang at the castle and captures Lexington, Brooklyn, and Bronx. Meanwhile, Dreamboat takes the others apartment hunting! Thank you to Ian McGowan for providing the interstitial music. You can find him on Instagram and Twitter @eazy_breezy_mac,

Episode 108: And Don’t Forget the Horse

Liz and Daniel dive into Gargoyles episode 8, Deadly Force, which is Broadway’s turn to shine in the spotlight.  He’s become obsessed with old Western films and enthralled with the idea of playing with guns.  And just like every after school special tells us, nothing bad could possibly come from that!  Meanwhile there’s illegal gun

Episode 107: Righteous Hog, Man

Daniel and Liz go deep into episode 7 of Gargoyles, Temptation. By now it’s clear that each bro-goyle is the focus of their own episode, and this week goes to the too-cool-for-school Brooklyn.  There’s a motorcycle gang, a runaway youth, and magick! Thank you to Ian McGowan for providing the interstitial music. You can find

Episode 106: We Shouldn’t Believe Everything We See On TV

This week Daniel and Liz discuss episode 6 of Gargoyles, The Thrill of the Hunt, the first episode not part of the Awakening! We learn that the brogolyles are obsessed with an action television show called “The Pack” which is about an animal themed gang that seems to fight crime. They attend a live event

Episode 105: Where Are My Sunglasses?

Daniel and Liz cover Gargoyles episode 5, Awakening Part 5. We’re thrown right back into the mission to obtain the stolen disks. Later on our heroes battle with some badass robotic Gargoyles, and learn that Demona might not actually be on the “good” side of things.  Thank you to Ian McGowan for providing the interstitial

Episode 104: Let ‘em Chase Rover

Daniel and Liz are back this week to discuss episode 4 of Gargoyles, Awakening Part 4. This episode showcases just how much of a badass Detective Dreamboat really is. She and Goliath are attacked in Central Park by the same robo-looking goons from episode two! Elsewhere, the Brogoyles finally pick their names so we can

Episode 103: Things Need Names

This week Liz and Daniel discuss episode 3 of Gargoyles, Awakening Part 3. This episode focuses more on Detective Elisa Maza, AKA Dreamboat in the DotN world. She investigates the previous night’s explosions that took place at the Xanatos Headquarters and stumbles upon the Gargoyles in the castle. She is, of course, terrified but intrigued

Episode 102: Pay A Man Enough And He’ll Walk Barefoot Into Hell

Daniel and Liz discuss episode 2 of Gargoyles, Awakening Part 2. In this episode we learn even more about this medieval time in Scotland full of battles, betrayals, and magic curses. We also jump to 1994 where we meet billionaire David Xanatos as he moves the ancient castle the Gargoyles protect to modern New York

Episode 101: Face Me Human, If You Dare

On this, the very first episode of Defenders of the Night, Daniel Williams and Liz Zerkel begin their journey into the world of the mid-90s Disney cartoon Gargoyles by re-watching and recapping every episode. They start with the very first episode, Awakening Part 1. This episode introduces us to the main Gargoyles and shows us