Episode 319 – Epilogue

And so it ends! In this, our final episode of The Black Lodge Complaint Department, hosts Daniel Williams and Adam Baugher reminisce about the past year of podcasting, the good and bad of Twin Peaks, and the, uh, “success” of BLCD. Sit back, relax, and join in as these two opposing forces take on (for

Episode 318 – Is It Really You?

Well well well, with “Part 18” the series finally concludes! While Daniel maintains the ending is unsatisfying, Adam firmly believes Cooper did the job he set out to do. Also: The worst sex scene in television history, and some rednecks are assaulted. But it’s an alternate reality, maybe, so it doesn’t count? Maybe… Our main

Episode 317 – One For The Grandkids

This week Adam and Daniel discuss “Part 17” of Twin Peaks: The Return! According to Adam, it’s more or less the conclusion to the story, which is weird, because there’s one more episode in the series. HOW LYNCHIAN OF HIM! Anyway, Cooper has his showdown moment stolen by Cockney Glovehand, another false “Diane” is revealed,

Episode 316 – Side Effects

“Part 16” of Twin Peaks: The Return begins with the Death of Richard Horne, in which NO TEARS WERE SHED. That guy was the worst. Also: Chantal and Hutch are also dead now, and Adam and Daniel are a-okay with that. They also sucked. “Diane” is dead, too. Wow, this episode killed a lot of

Episode 314 – COFFEE TIME!

Hot damn! “Part 14” is coffee time, baby! Alzorn Rennerskön gives us all a Blue Rose history listen, and we get to learn about tulpas. Weeeeeeee no. It turns out Diane is related to Janie-E, which ends up being not important in the slightest. Oh, and Naido is nekkid in the woods because David Lynch

Episode 312 – That Boy Has Never Been Right

On this week’s episode we’re covering “Part 12”. Adam and Daniel join Tammy and, ugh, “Diane”, as the newest recruits into the Blue Rose task force! Rejoice! The downside is we have to listen to Gordon Cole tell boring stories to strange French women. Booooooo. Also, Sarah Palmer thinks turkey jerky is bullshit, and Daniel

Episode 310 – Electricity Is Humming

Listen, Daniel loves the Log Lady as much as the next guy that doesn’t like Twin Peaks, but he firmly believes that Laura Palmer sucks and is not “The One.” In “Part 10” we see more classic Twin Peaks-branded violence against women; which, just for the record, sucks and is unecessary!  Also, and unrelated, Nadine

Episode 309 – When The Dog Got His Cat’s Eyes

In this week’s episode, our intrepid hosts Adam and Daniel cover “Part 9”, in which we’re introduced to Tim Roth’s less-than-stellar accent work, the LVPD are surprisingly good at their jobs, and Gordon Cole is reunited with Major Garland Briggs… more or less. Our main theme, “Downstream” was composed by CNTRL_ALT_DSTRY. The song “Ghostwood” was

Episode 308 – Got A Light?

Daniel and Adam are again joined by a man who, until recently, was considered a friend – Heath Aldrich! His opinions re: “Part 8” really put ol’ D Willi in a funk >:( Anyway, Ray takes a step towards redemption by gunning down Mr. C (hooray!) but thanks to the homeopathy of THE WOODSMEN, Mr.

Episode 307 – Remember The Dog Legs

Listen we all know and all agree that Diane is the name Special Agent Dale Cooper gave to his most beloved possession, his Realistic Micro-27 handheld tape recorder. So it’s weird to Daniel that, in “Part 7” Laura Dern shows up playing a character named “Diane!” THERE CAN’T BE TWO DIANES, TWIN PEAKS!!! Some other

Episode 306 – Tomorrow’s A Big Day

In this week’s episode, Daniel takes a stand against murdering children! He’s very brave. “Part 6” shows us a little more Richard Horne (mostly that he’s a total beta cuck), Janey-E firmly stands up to Daniel Faraday, and Ike the Spike does what he does best! Our main theme, “Downstream” was composed by CNTRL_ALT_DSTRY. The song

Episode 305 – Leave Town, Never Come Back

HOBOY, THIS ONE IS WHACKY. Though, I guess they all are… In “Part 5” Adam and Daniel are introduced to the dastardly Richard “Lil Dick Energy” Horne (these Horne boys, I tells ya!), Cooper-Dougie’s various coworkers, and Shelly’s daughter Becky. Wow, that’s a lot. Also: JACOBY HAS A YOUTUBE CHANNEL. Our main theme, “Downstream” was

Episode 302 – Is It Future or Is It Past?

Daniel and Adam are here yet again to discuss Twin Peaks: The Return!  Sorry? And joining us is friend of the pod Heath Aldrich!  In, “Part 2” Mr. C’s henchman Jack enjoys a delicious Spaghetti lunch, Hawk goes a-huntin’ for the Black Lodge, and we meet THE ARM 2.0.  Also in this episode, Twin Peaks

Episode 301 – You’re A Bad Girl Tracy

ONCE AGAIN WE RETURN!  It definitely feels like 25 years has passed since Adam and Daniel have talked Twin Peaks, or maybe it’s been minutes?  In Twin Peaks, time is wibbly. In the season three premiere, cleverly titled “Part 1”, 25 years has passed, and we see what our old friends have been getting into.