Love & Lust: Jack & Maggie ep 1: Failures

In this first installment of Love & Lust, we get to witness Jack and Maggie meet for the first time. Will it be love (or lust?) at first sight? Only time will tell!

Love & Lust Episode one, Failures was written by Stephanie Kazowz,

And voiced by Marie Babic, Bonnie Granda, Stephanie Kazowz, Ian McGowan, Alexa Moore, Ian Tucker, Jon Venegoni, and Liz Zerkel.

The main theme was composed and sang by Farty Marty and additional music was provided by Ian McGowan.

Love & Lust is brought to you by CalamityCast, online at, produced by Daniel Williams and Liz Zerkel, and co-created by Duchess, Stephanie Kazowz and Liz Zerkel.


Love & Lust: Promo

Get ready for season one of Love & Lust: A Smutcast with the introduction of our first couple, Jack and Maggie. During this 12 episode audiodrama, watch the romance unfold between laughs, fights, and all those sexy moments. Join us every other Wednesday starting June 13 to see if Jack & Maggie will find their very own happily ever after. Love & Lust is brought to you by Calamitycast and the creators of Dick of the Week.