DotW: Bare Chested Men; Hair Optional

Dick of the Week
Dick of the Week
DotW: Bare Chested Men; Hair Optional

Episode 5: Bare Chested Men; Hair Optional

In the 5th installment of Dick of the Week, the ladies discuss who their ideal hunky heroes are (spoilers: they all have beautiful hair and strong arms) before discussing the one aspect of a book everyone is quick to judge: the cover. Stephanie, Duchess, and Liz dive into what they find attractive in a book cover and what makes them say “no thanks” to a book among a genre that tends to rely on hard abs and seductive looks.


A special thanks to our listeners who contacted with us on social media regarding what you like or dislike regarding book covers! You all made prepping for this episode so much fun.


Books and Authors Mentioned:

Here’s to Yesterday by Teagan Hunter

Adios Pantalones by J Sterling

Norse Series by Gina Conkle

Loco, Texas Series by Codi Gary

Jodi Vaughn


Thank you for joining these three lady friends in this wild adventure full of laughs, sassiness, and good times.

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