DotW: Burning Rage: Or Why We Hate “Trashy”

Dick of the Week
Dick of the Week
DotW: Burning Rage: Or Why We Hate "Trashy"

Episode 6: Burning Rage: Or Why We Hate “Trashy”

You know what angers us more than most other things regarding Romance Novels? How often and automatically folks use the term “trashy” to describe the genre.

Listen to us rant about this topic, while still cracking each other up, because we don’t know how to not laugh a lot.

Join these three lady friends in this wild adventure full of laughs, sassiness, and good times.

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Mentioned Authors/Books:

Christi Caldwell- Sinful Bride series and Wicked Wallflower’s series

The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

Saddle Up: Somewhere Texas by Jodi Vaughn

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