DotW: This Feels WEIRD: The Virgin Trope

Episode 7: This Feels WEIRD: The Virgin Trope

In this week’s episode Liz and Stephanie discuss (sadly without Duchess, womp womp) about the use of virgins in romance novels. We talk about the differences between virgins in historical romance versus contemporary and how (spoiler alert) it is totally lame to use virginity as a personality description of a character.

Bonus: Listen to Liz rant about the whole #cockygate thing going down in the romance world right now.

Books and authors we mention in this episode:

Something So Sweet, Book 1 of the Breakaway series by Meika Usher

Heart of the Duke Series by Christi Caldwell

Light Weight by Kristy McManus

Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover, Book 4 of the Rules Scoundrels by Sarah MacLean

Tess Oliver on Radish

Love Rush by @HTEllis on Wattpad

DotW: Fighters, and Cowboys, and Babies, OH MY!

Episode 3: Fighters, and Cowboys, and Babies, OH MY!

Join Duchess, Liz, and Stephanie in this week’s episode of Dick of the Week where they discuss all of the romance novel tropes they love and hate (and the ones they should hate but love anyway, or love to hate and therefore sort of love? (whew, confused yet??))! Everyone knows that romance novels utilize tropes in their stories. Listen as the ladies break down some of the most common ones! 

Check out some of the authors, books, and series discussed in this week’s episode that fall into some of our favorite tropes:

Sexy Bastard series by Eve Jagger

Rugby series by L.H. Cosway

Killian by Brenda Rothert

Noah (5th Street Series) by Elizabeth Reyes

KayneInteruptedMe (Wattpad author)

Thank you for joining these three lady friends in this wild adventure full of laughs, sassiness, and good times.

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