EP 110 – We Have Much to Discuss

After so much loss, so much sadness, they did it.  The Harbingers saved Spacemerica.  While the group waits for Ace to outfit them with a space-worthy ship, they decompress, reflect, and plan for the future.  It’s time to go home.  Meanwhile, on Spacemerica, fundamental change… CREDITS: Spacemerica episode ten, We Have Much to Discuss, was

EP 109 – Death to Spacemerica!

This. Is. It.  After the loss of another comrade, our heroes have had more than enough of the Canadian’s BS.  With assistance from Ace, the Harbingers prepare for an assault on Black Site Omicron, while the Canadian makes final preparations for his planned destruction of SPACEMERICA!  Meanwhile, on Spacemerica… *shrug* CREDITS: Spacemerica episode nine, Death

EP 108 – The Cost of Success

You guys, we need to talk about Iggy… Meanwhile, on Spacemerica, enough is enough! The Cabinet of Pain has had enough of Lazier, Lazier’s had enough of the civil unrest, and Maggie’s had enough of everyone!  Times they are a-changin’. CREDITS: Spacemerica episode eight, The Cost of Success, was written by Dave Goddard; and voiced

EP 106: The Sleuthening

While the Harbingers of Adventure plan their next steps, we spend some time with our friends on Spacemerica!  Detective President Dick Lazier meets the lady of his dreams and falls head over buns in luuuuuuuuv.  Meanwhile Mother Mary makes a move.  Also:  Hey, Maggie’s back!  Remember Maggie? CREDITS: Spacemerica episode six, The Sleuthening, was written