In the year 2100, America as a culture is being overwhelmed by the global popularity of human cybernetic enhancements. The country wants no part of it, so the governing body of the United States – that bright, glorious, shining star in the sky – does what has to be done: GET THE FUCK OUT.

Over the next 100 years, as the world around them changed, and the societies of the world grew more addicted to their robotic enhancements, NASA was secretly tasked with building (underneath Canada, mind you) its magnum opus: A space station capable of carrying the American people to a new freedom, a clean existence, to their rightful place in the sky!

On July 4th, 2200 SPACEMERICA launched, destroying all of Canada in its wake, and giving a big middle finger to the growing number of deadly robo-folks on Earth. The thing about launching a nation-sized space station from underground – the aftermath will also cause cataclysmic, apocalyptic-level damage. Whoops!

Now, in 2450, with two Civil Conflicts and the Assault on the Moon Mole Men under its belt, Spacemerica has settled in to a decade-straight of peace, which isn’t enough for our main characters. Nationalism and blind, unwavering patriotism are dull.

Wings Hauzer, Evelyn Kennedy, Charles Montgomery, Cookie St. Clair, and Paz Zarkonen want more; more than flag-waving, more than mere contentment, more than what Spacemerica has to offer. They all want purpose, destiny. With a little anonymous help, they’re all pointed to EARTH. There are ancient American relics left from the Before Times, and recovering them could certainly lead to a new Spacemerican Enlightenment; and oh, to be the ones to bring about that Enlightenment!

The group sets off to explore their ancestral home planet, assuming there’d be nothing left but ruins. Afterall, everyone is taught in Spacemerican schools about the deadly robotic nano-plague that destroyed civilization on Earth!

Thus begins the adventure they all sought! With the assistance of a friendly Earth human, the heroes make their way across the country to meet with a man that claims to know the location of THE MACGUFFIN, the treasure they seek most! Chaos, adventure, and intrigue abound as this cross-country tale of future discovery unfolds!