Adam Baugher–President Dick Lazier/Ace of Isaac/Misc.

Deep within the pop culture wastelands of the 1980s, a nerd was born. Reared on two decades of late-night cable TV, B-movies, and cult classics, Adam dreamed of one day making his own strange tales. Within the last century, we know that he shared an office with another weirdo, and they teamed up with a kooky cabal of creative types to produce a podcast about swords, space magic, time travel, and burritos. The sparse records that remain seem to indicate that Adam can be found when Jupiter and Saturn meet. If you have any information as to his current whereabouts, please contact CalamityCast at once.



S. Michael Clericus–Narrator/Misc.

S. Michael Clericus’ previous work includes a poem about a mango. His other passions consist largely of brown ales and outdated globes. He lives in a house with two cats and a wife.



Dave Goddard–The Canadian/Misc.

In 2002, Dave Goddard stunned the world by performing 6 backflips in a row on a trampoline. The love of the people was such that he was declared heir to the Moon, that celestial freeloader, which he loathes and plans to destroy. When he isn’t handcrafting feline couture booties, Dave spends his time exploring the occult in an attempt to understand the deeper mysteries of EDM.



Alison Headley–Sin/Sister Cynthia

If it’s broken, she’ll fix it. If it’s high up, she’ll climb on it. If it’s on tv, she’ll watch it. If it’s edible, she’ll eat it. If it’s feminism, she’ll make a big fat deal out of it.



Lisa Kanizay–Mother Mary

I grew up in sunny Colorado. After college, I spent eight years in Georgia toiling away in graduate school and honing my mastery of plant sciences. I also met myself a southern man who became my husband. We packed up our extensive collection of plants, our dog, and two cats, and embarked on a new adventure in St Louis. By day I work as a plant scientist, by night I teach and practice aerial dance. I don’t believe in taking multiple trips which causes me to leave my house each morning carrying more than I should, with an over full coffee mug, inevitably spilling coffee all over my car and myself. I love learning, trying new things, breakfast burritos with green chili, cooking, and rubbing my face in fluffy animals.



Kat Johnson–Wings Hauzer



Ian McGowan–Charles “Chutney” Montegomery/Jazz

Ian is hellbent on wandering the earth and experiencing everything this finite life has to offer. He’s a dreamer, a meme-er, and a part-time schemer. More often than not, he can be found with a musical instrument in his hands, a burrito in his stomach, coffee in his veins, and all-too-temporary solutions to the omnipresent wanderlust in his soul.



William Mead–Paz Zarkonen

The William Mead has never been a child. He appeared on Earth an unknown number of years ago with full-fledged Dad Bod, ready to raise his own human offspring. As luck would have it, he found a lady that had an unrestrained love of said Dad Bod, and they coupled, as humans often do. In between dress-up sessions, the William Mead shreds guitar and collects vintage 1980s toys.



Nate Miller–Ignatious Babcock/Misc.

Has beard. Is man. Does comedy. Did not write a bio.



Stephanie Myles–Evelyn Kennedy

eats: ice cream. pets: cats. ships: wintershock. cures: cancer. punches: up. breathes: fire. dismantles: the patriarchy.



Jen Weinman–Cookie St. Claire/Prada Regatta

JWein is an STL native who works in research, and is heavily involved in the local improv scene. She’s a baker, homeowner, and cat mom.



Daniel Williams–The Historian/Viper/Misc.

Mr. Williams is an audio editor/engineer by trade, and a writer by accident. He is a creator of music and audio hilarity. He can swing a hammer, place a microphone, change a tire, and cook a hearty breakfast. He once wooed a lady so hard she married him. She demanded a baby, and he made it so, because he is a champion. He lives with circus folk and communes with animals.



Liz Zerkel–Felix Desjardins

Although Ms. Zerkel would rather spend her days sipping whiskey (or scotch…or bourbon…) while reading romance novels and dreaming up her next National Park vacation, she can typically be found working her office job, spending time with family and friends, or writing for a few different podcasts and other creative projects. She is married to a handsome comedian who supports her wholeheartedly in this crazy adventure of writing sci-fi and smut. They live happily in St. Louis City and are looking to expand their family to including some fur monsters in the near future.