Help Us Finish SPACEMERICA! Season 2

Season 1 of SPACEMERICA! was released in 2018 (Check it out if you want a refresher!).  Season 2 has been written and recorded, and the dialogue has been edited together – this is all great.  However, one of the co-creators of Season 2, Daniel Williams, died unexpectedly in August 2022.

The thing is, Daniel wasn’t just the co-creator and co-writer of this project; he was also the audio engineer, showrunner, editor, producer, sound designer, and doer of tasks all and sundry.

Those of us who worked on this project with Daniel (including SPACEMERICA! Season 2’s co-creator and co-writer Liz Zerkel) refuse to let this languish uncompleted, but in order to finalize the 10 episodes in Season 2 for release, we need to pay other audio engineers to finish the amazing work Daniel started – because although SPACEMERICA! was a passion project for those of us who worked on it (including Daniel), we cannot ask others to donate their time and efforts. This is why we need your help!

Please take a moment to go to our IndieGoGo campaign and help us launch this final season of SPACEMERICA!