2019 CalamityCast Update

While Adam and Daniel are winding things down at The Black Lodge Complaint Department, the rest of the CalamityCast crew is hard at work bringing new shows to life!  This fall, writers Ian McGowan & Brittany Burke will be launching their new audio drama, Jane the Ripper!  Follow them on Twitter @JTR_podcast to find out when Jane the Ripper officially launches and to get a sneak peek behind the scenes of this suspenseful thriller. 

On the more hilariously sexy side of things, Liz and Stephanie, The Duchess, continue to explore their passion for the world of romance novels & writing every other week on Dick of The Week.  Also on the horizon for Liz & Stephanie is the second season of their romantic comedy audio drama Love & Lust, which will debut in 2020! 

CalamityCast is also excited to announce that pre-production has begun for the second season of our sci-fi comedy audio drama, Spacemerica!  Follow us on twitter @CalamityCast to find out when Season 2 launches. 

In addition to Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Stitcher, you can now find us on Spotify, so be sure to throw your favorite shows a follow. Stay tuned for more podcasts from your friends at CalamityCast…