Welcome friends, to CalamityCast, the new home of A Beginner’s Guide to Interplanetary Destruction, as well as bunch of upcoming content! That’s right, we’re no longer one show, we’re expanding into an entire podcast network!

After we wrapped on A Beginner’s Guide, conversations quickly turned to “what next?” And the group had a lot of new ideas. Not only that, but we brought in more people, and they had their own ideas, too! Awesome, right? THE ANSWER IS YES. We decided that, instead of making shows one at a time, it might be better to split up, and hit our audience with MORE shows MORE frequently, and thus CalamityCast was born.

Obviously, we take our name from the characters that started it all – A Beginner’s Guide’s heroes THE HARBINGERS OF CALAMITY. And while that show has been put to bed, it still inspires other things we’re doing. So let this first post be, not just an announcement for the network, but also the announcement for our next show – SPACEMERICA!

Spacemerica “In SPACEMERICA, A motley group of future-humans from space search for treasure, and a sense of purpose, across the ruins of the once great nation of the United States of America. Along with the assistance of Ignatius Babcock, traveling salesmen and new Earth friend, the heroes make their way across the country to meet with a man that claims to know the location of THE MACGUFFIN, the treasure they seek most.”

In addition to SPACEMERICA, which will post bi-monthly, there will be a bi-monthly companion show, Good Morning, SPACEMERICA!, where we’ll chat about the show, interview the actors, and even talk with SPACEMERICA’s musical contributors!

If you can believe it, we have even more shows waiting in the wings, nearly ready to be announced! We’re really excited to finally be announcing this, and we hope old fans and new are ready to hear what we have to offer. And remember, we’re not rebranding A Beginner’s Guide to Interplanetary Destruction. That show was our first, and we’ll always love it forever and ever. CalamityCast is an expansion on that show’s original idea – to write strong, hilarious, scripted podcasts that showcase St. Louis-based comedy writers and performers!

Thanks everyone, and stay tuned for more announcements soon!