Episode 4 – Recovery

We follow Claire as she begins her road to recovery. Liam and Wendy share a touching moment, while elsewhere in Bristol, we learn that another woman is killed in the same manner as before. Claire has some very dark, vivid dreams. Holly and Liam investigate what happened to Claire.


Jane The Ripper: Episode Four, Recovery, was written by Brittany Burke; and voiced by Adam Baugher, Brittany Burke, S. Michael Clericus, Becky Coleman, Caty Higgins, Ian McGowan, Alexa Moore, Emily Rodenbeck, Jen Weinman, Daniel Williams, and Liz Zerkel.

All music by Ian McGowan.

Jane The Ripper is brought to you by CalamityCast; produced by Ian McGowan and Daniel Williams; and co-created by Brittany Burke and Ian McGowan.

And now, Jane The Ripper: Episode Four, Recovery.