Episode 212: Together We Will Triumph

With this week’s episode we say farewell to the City of Stone miniseries. I think it’s safe to say it’s been a ride… We learn the fate of Big Mac and Demona, and somewhere late in the episode’s 22min runtime, our protagonist shows up, so that’s nice… Thank you to Ian McGowan for providing the

Episode 211: The Most Fragile Among Us

Liz and Daniel are still on there City of Stone kick, and this week they’re pledging their loyalty to part 3! We learn how to maybe counter Demona’s stony spell, and in the past – LONG LIVE THE KING! Also Big Mac and Demona make a weird bargain… get it? WEIRD. Thank you to Ian

Episode 210: Come, Meet Your Doom

This week, Daniel and Liz continue their coverage of the City of Stone mini-series.  Having survived his helicopter crash, Deluxe gets to work solving the problem he helped create.  In the past, Demona gets older, and Big Mac gets hawt!  THERE MUST ALWAYS BE A HUNTER I GUESS, BUT IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE OL’

Episode 209: Stone at Night

On this week’s DEFENDERS OF THE NIGHT, Daniel and Liz journey to the past in this first episode of a four part story arc, City of Stone Part 1. In modern NYC, Demona is up to more magickal trickery, and we meet a trio of weirdos!  We also flashback to ancient Scotland, where late night

Episode 208: Self-Made Man

Our dearest Palgoyles, you are cordially invited to the wedding of Mr. Big D Deluxe and Foxy Lady Foxxx. This week on DEFENDERS OF THE NIGHT, we get swept away by love… and time travel, in Gargoyles season 2 episode 8, Vows.  These two lovebirds take a trip to Scotland, and Demona and Goliath get

Episode 207: Love as a Weakness

On this episode of DEFENDERS OF THE NIGHT, Liz and Daniel fall in love with love, and Halloween, as they cover Gargoyles season 2 episode 7, Eye of the Beholder.  Our heartless friend, Deluxe proposes to Fox in the most romantic way possible: by telling her they’re genetically compatible!  In an entirely unrelated turn of

Episode 206: Cleopatra’s Needle

This week on DEFENDERS OF THE NIGHT, Liz and Daniel soar to the top of a New York City Skyrise with Gargoyles season 2 episode 6, The Silver Falcon.  Detective Matt’s “The Doofus” is missing, and it’s up to Dreamboat to unravel this mystery… with the unsolicited help of a trenchcoat-wearing Broadway, naturally.  Is it

Episode 205: Oberon Sent Me

This week on DEFENDERS OF THE NIGHT, Liz and Daniel brush up on their Shakespeare again with Gargoyles season 2 episode 5, The Mirror.  Demona is back and feisty as ever, and this time she’s hired some of the worst movers!  Also apparently she’s a homeowner?!  Not only that, but this episode was definitely the

Episode 204: Between Memory and Oblivion

This week Daniel and Liz dive into the murky waters that is season 2 episode 4 of Gargoyles, A Lighthouse in the Sea of Time. Yet another season 1 character returns – BIG MAC (see Episode 109).  And hey, Hudson makes a new friend!  As if that wasn’t enough, we also learn that apparently “reading”

Episode 203: Without Trust There Can Be No Clan

In this week’s episode of DEFENDERS OF THE NIGHT Daniel and Liz meld minds for Gargoyles season 2, episode 3 – Legion. Everyone’s favorite cybergoyle ice creamery, Coldstone, gets a system reboot and blasts out of the Hudson River and back into our hearts. Also, Matt still sucks, and literally nobody understands virtual reality. Thank