Episode 203: Without Trust There Can Be No Clan

In this week’s episode of DEFENDERS OF THE NIGHT Daniel and Liz meld minds for Gargoyles season 2, episode 3 – Legion. Everyone’s favorite cybergoyle ice creamery, Coldstone, gets a system reboot and blasts out of the Hudson River and back into our hearts. Also, Matt still sucks, and literally nobody understands virtual reality. Thank

Episode 202: Shut Up and Keep Working

This week on DEFENDERS OF THE NIGHT Liz and Daniel go through changes during Gargoyles season 2 episode 2, Metamorphosis.  Dreamboat jokes about hotdogs and checks in on Derek. Meanwhile, Dr. Frankenfurter does eeeeeeviiiiil science! Thank you to Ian McGowan for providing the interstitial music. You can find him on Instagram and Twitter @eazy_breezy_mac, and

Episode 201: Nice and Easy, Jack

Daniel and Liz have made it to season two of Gargoyles, and brought their podcasting pal James Anderson on as a Very Special Co-host!  This week the gang discusses the season opener – Leader of the Pack.  The Pack (see episode 106) breaks out of jail, there’s a new(ish) nemesis, and love is in the

Episode 113: It’s Alive!

This week Daniel and Liz discuss Reawakening, the season 1 finale of Gargoyles, and boy howdy is it a good one! We finally get some new gargoyles in our life. Sure, that’s because Deluxe and Demona use a combo of science and magick to Frankenstein Monster the remains of a long-dead pal of Goliath, buuuuuuut

Episode 112: How About Some Privacy

Daniel and Liz hit the streets this week to discuss Gargoyles episode 112, Her Brother’s Keeper. Hyena and Jackal are back at it again, this time setting their sights on Deluxe! OH NO! That guy should get a bodyguard… so he does – DEREK MAZA?!?! Thank you to Ian McGowan for providing the interstitial music.

Episode 111: I Thought My Warrior Days Were Over

Liz and Daniel are back at it again with Gargoyles episode 11, Long Way To Morning.  We go BACK IN TIME to see Hudson as leader of the Gargoyles, and a youthful princess peepants.  In the present day, Demona attacks Dreamboat cuz #gurlfightsrhawt.  Goliath and Hudson seek some tasty tasty revenge, and we get to

Episode 110: I’m the Best Friend You Have In This World

This week Daniel and Liz live life on the edge with episode 10 of Gargoyles, The Edge. Deluxe is back from prison and just not feeling like himself. Dreamboat gets a crackpot partner, and apparently our gargoyle pals are doing heists now?!  That can’t be right…  Also, more robots! Thank you to Ian McGowan for

Episode 109: A Place of Stone and Wood

Daniel and Liz relive the classics in episode 9 of Gargoyles, Enter MacBeth. A badass Gargoyle hunter attacks our gang at the castle and captures Lexington, Brooklyn, and Bronx. Meanwhile, Dreamboat takes the others apartment hunting! Thank you to Ian McGowan for providing the interstitial music. You can find him on Instagram and Twitter @eazy_breezy_mac,

Episode 108: And Don’t Forget the Horse

Liz and Daniel dive into Gargoyles episode 8, Deadly Force, which is Broadway’s turn to shine in the spotlight.  He’s become obsessed with old Western films and enthralled with the idea of playing with guns.  And just like every after school special tells us, nothing bad could possibly come from that!  Meanwhile there’s illegal gun

Episode 107: Righteous Hog, Man

Daniel and Liz go deep into episode 7 of Gargoyles, Temptation. By now it’s clear that each bro-goyle is the focus of their own episode, and this week goes to the too-cool-for-school Brooklyn.  There’s a motorcycle gang, a runaway youth, and magick! Thank you to Ian McGowan for providing the interstitial music. You can find