Episode 107 – Size Isn’t Everything, I Guess

In the penultimate episode of our first season, Adam and Daniel discuss episode 107 of Twin Peaks, “Realization Time”. Audrey, get out of Coop’s bed! Put some damn clothes on! Elsewhere, Leo assassinates a bird, the Scooby Gang hatches a plot to break into Jacoby’s office, and Cooper and Ed go undercover at One-Eyed Jack’s.

Episode 106 – Heba-Heba

This week our hosts take a gander at episode 106 of Twin Peaks, “Cooper’s Dreams”. Jerry and Ben party with the Icelandic investors! Coop hates them 🙁  Donna, James, and Maddy (aka the Scooby Gang) decide it’s up to them to solve Laura’s murder (kids are dumb). The Briggs family goes to family counseling (this

Episode 105 – Hang Loose, Houlies

Daniel and Adam make their way through episode 105 of Twin Peaks, “The One-Armed Man”. As the title suggests, our heroes(?) actually find the one-armed man from Cooper’s dream! What a really weird coincidence… Other things happen! Norma goes to Hank’s parole hearing, Bobby and Shelly are playing a very dangerous (and sexy) game, and

Episode 103 – A Problem with a Fish

This week our hosts discuss episode 103 of Twin Peaks, “Zen, or the Skill to Catch a Killer”. It’s one of Adam’s favorites, but Daniel just doesn’t see the appeal :/  Cooper shares his unique methodology for catching criminals, which involves rocks. We get new characters, Jerry Horne, and grumpy FBI agent Albert Rosenstein (he’s

Episode 102 – It’s Hard on the Arteries

Adam and Daniel tackle episode 102 of Twin Peaks, “Traces to Nowhere”, despite Daniel already feeling like this is a buncha too much.  The investigation into Laura Palmer’s death continues! Cooper interviews James, Leo beats Shelly, and Sarah has visions (OoOoOoOo!) Our main theme, “Downstream” was composed by CNTRL_ALT_DSTRY. The song “Ghostwood” was composed by

Episode 101 – A Clean Place, Reasonably Priced

Daniel and Adam get down to business with episode 101 of Twin Peaks, titled “Northwest Passage”.  We learn the basic premise of the program, meet its never-ending cast of characters, and find out what a top-notch donut spread really looks like! Our main theme, “Downstream” was composed by CNTRL_ALT_DSTRY.  The song “Ghostwood” was composed by

Episode 100 – Prologue

And so it begins!  In this, our inaugural episode of The Black Lodge Complaint Department, hosts Daniel Williams and Adam Baugher lay out the basic premise of the podcast.  In addition, they dive in to their personal history with Twin Peaks, and go into some of the back story behind the making of the pop

Black Lodge Complaint Department Promo 2

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